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  1. Anthea Williamson

    Hi there,
    Any chance that my 3 year old son can come to your 10.30 class this Thursday, 25th Sept? We would love to do it as an ongoing thing if it suits everyone.


    0412 377038

    1. kangasquads

      Hi Anthea

      For the next two weeks i am running my holiday program which run’s from nine to one pm each day.You would be more than welcome to book your son in for a day.
      My one hour classes start up on the 7th of October.

      For further inquiry’s please contact the office on 9332 3622



  2. Alina Camiller

    Hi – U was just wondering if Ben (3yr old) could do a trial class on Wednesday at 9:15.

    Ben used to do the class 2 terms ago but it just seemed he was too young. I’d love to see how he goes now.

    He knows the kids in the class mentioned so it would be good to join that class.


    1. kangasquads

      Hi Alina

      Great to hear from you that’s fine if you want to give Ben another try on the Wednesday at 9.15.if you contact the office on 9332 3622 they will be ble to book Ben.
      I look forward to seeing Ben and you on Wednesday.

      Kind regards.


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