Kanga camps

Multi sports camps are a great introduction for kids to camps.They run every day of the school holidays.

Parents you don’t have to commit  to the whole week you can book your child into one or two days what ever

works best for you and your child.

Kanga camps are not just about sports,we take the children on adventure walks around the grounds at  White city.

We also do a wide range of crafts with the children,Play doe, Colouring in,Puzzles. Story book reading.

Pre Xmas camp 19/12/2016 to the 23/12/2016

Summer Camps
Camp One 16/01/2017 to the 20/01/2017
Camp Two 23/01/2017 to the 25/01/2017.

Autumn Camps.
Camp One 10/04/3017 to the 13/04/2017.
Camp Two 26/04/2017 to the 28/04/2017.

Winter Camps
Camp One 03/07/2017 to the 07/07/2017.
Camp Two 10/07/2017 to the 14/07/2017.

Spring Camps.
Camp One 25/09/2017 to the 29/09/2017.
Camp Two 03/10/2017 to the 06/10/2017.

Summer Camp.
Camp One 18/12/2017 to the 22/12/2017.


  1. Melanie Michalopoulos

    Can I please book my 4year old son, Michael Michalopoulos into the Kanga Camps?
    I also want to book him into tennis lessons starting Term 1 2016 but I think that is through the Maccabi Tennis website?

    Regarding the Kanga Camps I was thinking two days a week but if he really loves it and there are places available I may increase it to 3 days.

    Thank you

    Melanie Michalopoulos

    1. kangasquads

      Hi Melanie
      Great to hear from you if you contact the office on 9332 3622 they will be able to book Michael into the kanga camps.With regards to lessons feel free to contact me direct on 0402 754 613.
      I look forward to meeting Michael and you at camps.

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