June 6, 2008


Dear Malcolm,


It is with great pleasure that I write and thank-you for the significant contribution you have made to the early childhood development of my children. As you know there are 5 children in the family and you are currently working with my youngest my youngest. 

It has stood out to me, that with each of the children, girls and boys, a number of skills and behaviours have been introduced and progressed during their Kanga experiences. In particular the enormous range of activities available to develop hand-eye co-ordination and ball skills along with fitness and its role in being a healthy person. The fantastic range of equipment and the large and safe environment, in which Kanga operates, could never be created at home. 

The discipline and the boundaries the children are required to play within have been a terrific precursor to beginning school .Simple skills such as wearing a hat and having regular drinks of water have become second nature to my children. 

 Perhaps the most valuable skills acquired by the children, while at Kanga, have been learning to be comfortable in a group environment and beginning to develop some independence from their parents. Having to play as part of a team and respect others has been an absolutely invaluable preparation to school sports and activities. 

You and your team have consistently demonstrated an extremely professional approach and a kindness and patience beyond that of most of us. Over the 8 years that you have coached my children, there has been ongoing upgrade of equipment and constant introduction of new activities and games. I commend your continuous research, insight and commitment to early childhood development. 

Many, many thanks from all the Raines.

Yours Faithfully

Natasha Raine


Kanga squad is an integral part of our weekly activities.  Both my boys, 5 & 3 have enjoyed Kanga squad and Kanga camp overthepast few years.  My 20 month old will also attend when he turns 3 as will the next one! 

Kanga provides the boys not only with basic ball skills and gross motor skill activities but also a wonderful opportunity to play in a group, outdoors, in a non-competitive environment and to exercise.  One of the main reasons we keep coming back is that the boys’ interests are nurtured in an environment where no one, no matter how co-ordinated or un-coordinated feels unwelcome or no good at sport. 

Not only does it provide a great opportunity for the children to learn activities it is also an opportunity for mothers and fathers to meet each week.  There are always many other younger siblings around who love playing on the climbing toys in the play area next to the courts. 

Kanga activities aren’t restricted just toLynePark.  One ofthewonderful benefits of participating in Kanga is thattheboys andtheir friends bringthegames and activities home tothebackyard.  They can spend hours outtheback practicing whatthey have learned – that’s hours away fromthetv, enjoying each others company and expending some energy while exercising. 

Finding out about Kanga was like being let into a great little secret.  We started going a few years ago on the advice of our next door neighbour and we haven’t looked back.  We are more than happy to share the secret! 

Liz Thorp

Mum to William, James and Edward


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